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شركات الرخام والسيراميك والحجر

Al Sahoo Qatar

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Since its early beginning as a small shop in Kuwait Al Sahoo Group built its operations on the vision of the future. Established in the mid 1950s by Sahoo Ali Al Sahoo, Al Sahoo Group has grown to become the middle east leading trading enterprise with an extensive list of project references and achievements across the region. With sheer determination and dedication coupled with the aim of satisfying our clients, Al Sahoo has established itself regionally. Today, it operates collectively in over 13 major cities covering Kuwait, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Due to the rapid development in the region the importance and pressure to deliver on time is at its highest importance. Therefore, Al Sahoo has built a strong infrastructure equipped with well displayed showrooms and state-of-the-art warehousing to meet the various demands of the markets it operates in. Whether it is a private villa, or a commercial/residential city of towers project our comprehensive revolving inventory is sure to meet your demand. From a simple beginning, Al Sahoo has grown to a strong and versatile company that is well associated to internationally known brands of sanitary ware & fittings and high-quality plumbing fittings. The success of Al Sahoo Group can be accredited to a business approach that combines the ability to change with traditional values of integrity, service and a dedicated staff that define its core business philosophy. This linked with the group’s belief in the phrase “it is more expensive to buy cheaper” has made Al Sahoo a household name in high quality building materials and sanitary ware across the G.C.C. Our products and services are employed by architects, consultants, designers, construction companies, government, and private organizations. The company has enjoyed excellent years in terms of trading performance and is committed to remain so with constant development in providing the best quality not only in its products but most importantly in the services to its valued customers.

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Marble slabs and tiles have a timeless beauty. With no two pieces ever identical. Marble has fascinated artisans and decorators throughout history. Marble is a metamorphic stone that was a central part of the classical architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. This elegant natural marble is suitable for countertop, wall, and flooring; throughout commercial and residential properties. It remains a prestige item in today’s design world.

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Al-Sarf Trading and Contracting Company

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Al-Sarf Trading and Contracting Company was established in 1996. We have grown and expanded over the years due to experienced management teams and great assets that brought value to our projects. We implement a variety of projects such as buildings, hotels, apartments, and luxurious mansions; in turn, these projects led us to be distinguished in the Qatari market. We differ in managing local and international project management we have been able to achieve prosperity by fulfilling the needs and desires of our clients. The company has been characterized by implementing complicated projects, emerging technology, and adding a positive and different environment to its customers, employees and society that have contributed to the gradual growth, success, and leadership of our company.

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Golden Marble Factory

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A trustworthy supplier, installer and water-jet designer of marble and granite in Doha, Qatar.

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Jama Marble Factory

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We deserve to be considered for all your stone requirements since we are one of top marble and granite suppliers in the State of Qatar. We undertake wholesale, retail and project installations. We have a dedicated team with more than 10 years of hands-on experience in natural stone flooring, wall cladding and worktop installation. In summary, here are Ten (10) reasons that you should seriously consider us in your stone requirements for your projects.

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Asian Marble & Granite

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- كل ما يمكن تحتاجه فى منزلك من رخام وجرانيت وحجر وبلاط - ارضيات الحمامات والمطابخ - حوائط الحمامات والمطابخ - ارضيات المجلس - رخام الدرج - حجر الواجهة - بلاط الحوش - كل ما يميز منزلك من الفخامة والرقى تجده عندنا اسيا للرخام والجرانيت اسم له اصالة تأسست منذ 1992م

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Finar Qatar

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Finar was establish March 2005 by BMTC Company, Mr. Ali – Khatib, Mr. Hafeez Shehadi and Mr. Yahya Haji. The companyhas since grown to become a highly experience, reliable supplier and installer of Marble products. Finar offers, measuring, drawing, cutting, polishing, and installation services. In addition, Finar also specializing in ceramic, gypsum board and interior design services. Finar has a capacity to supply and install projects and jobs, and has a different types of marble, granite and ceramics. The customer service team provides professional advice in regards, to pricing, design, installation and fixation. We are well establish company that can.

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Comptoir Ceramic

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Depuis la création de Comptoir du Cérame, nous travaillons avec les professionnels à tous les niveaux, depuis la conception du projet (développement de produits) jusqu’à l’intermédiation pour les grands projets. La proximité de nombreuses usines et nos relations avec ces dernières nous permettent de vous offrir un éventail très large de possibilités.

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White Stone Qatar

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White stone is one of the leading companies in Qatari market for the trading of marble & natural stones and all sculpture of the natural stone decoration for in & outside buildings. Since we’ve been established in Qatar in 2014, we’ve been working to supply all the types of natural stones in Qatari market, Example (SYRIAN STONES, JORDANIAN STONES, SAUDI ARABIA STONES, OMANI STONES, PALESTAINIAN STONES, Turkish stones) along with the quality which is in our priority and differentiate us than the others.

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Shoosh Marble & Granite

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Shoosh Marble & Granite operates globally and purchases its materials from the finest sources around the world. Together with our showroom in Doha and two factories located in Industrial area we are fully equipped with top of the range machinery to produce the best quality products for our clients. Our specialised Waterjet cutting technology can offer you unlimited number of design options for your flooring, wall cladding or a piece of décor that can give your space a special character. The limit is your imagination! Our workforce comprises of over 50 specialists, engineers, Interior Designers, technicians and skilled workers. The team is dedicated to understanding the client’s thoughts and needs in order to produce the highest level of service and desired end product for the client.

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Aram Ceramic Co

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Aram Ceramic is a company specialized in all type of Ceramic Tiles, kitchens, Flooring, Sanitary ware and Building material. We distribute our products directly from many manufacturers around the world to provide you with the best material at the best price. We are committed to providing our customer best service, respect, loyalty and honest."

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United Supplies Company

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Product Categories Almost every product and service you would need to furnish your home or interior design project from A to Z; from high-end luxury products to value deals on economical products and solutions. 02 Industry-leading premium brands Reputable products from reputable brands that have been featured in some of the most high profile 5-star hotels, airports and office buildings worldwide. Do you want the same mixers and showers used in Bvlgari resort in Dubai? Such brands are available exclusively in our showrooms. 03 Exceptional services Since 1959: Over 60 years of experience in this industry helped us create the services that customers care about the most. Free design, consulting, customization, delivery, installation and maintenance services give you the peace-of-mind when making important purchasing decisions.

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Bluegreens trading & landscape

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Bluegreens is a dynamic, innovative company set up to meet the challenges of the modern market by providing our clients with creative design solutions. Specialized in themed landscapes, we have assembled management of expertise and knowledge in each particular aspect of water features, hard and soft landscape using the most advanced technology.

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Nabina Ceramic

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على مدي أكثر من نصف قرن تتميز نابينا للسيراميك بأرقى المنتجات في قطر من سيراميك وبورسلان عالي الجودة، وديكورات الحمامات والأدوات الصحية من أفضل الماركات العالمية التي حازت على إعجاب وثقة عملاؤنا في قطر من أفراد ومؤسسات حكومية وتجارية. حياكم في نابينا سيراميك لنكون معكم في كل التفاصيل.

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Oryx Marble & Granite

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تعتبر شركة أوريكس للرخام والجرانيت (المعروف سابقًا باسم الألفي للرخام والجرانيت) موردًا رائدًا للحجر الطبيعي في المنطقة ، وواحدة من أقدم الأقطار في قطر. خلال الاثني عشر عامًا الماضية ، نجحنا في تسليم أكثر من 300 مشروع ، بما في ذلك فنادق الخمس نجوم والمنتجعات ومراكز التسوق والمباني العامة والمباني ، وعدد من القصور الخاصة الراقية ، ما يميزنا هو أننا قادرون على تصنيع أي نوع من تصميم الحجر ، حيث أن مصنعنا مجهز بآلات وخطوط إنتاج عالية التقنية ، بالإضافة إلى فريق هندسي خبير للتشغيل والصيانة. نحن بفخر جزء من مجموعة الجابر وإدارتنا للعمل المستمر لتحقيق الرؤية التالية:

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Export of Slate,Marble and granite direct from quarry factory We are an exporting company specialized in stones, with over 8 years of experience. We know everything that needs to be known about different stones, quarries, grades, colors, sizes, shapes, … and also shipment and documents related matters. In one word, we are the ultimate stone exportation experts and you can trust us with every part of the contrac. Name Brand: Aron Marble |

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نابينا سيراميك

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نابينا سيراميك يوفر تركيب بلاط السيراميك للمنشآت والمباني.

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شركة نبك للتجارة والإنشاءات

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شركة ديناميكية تقدم خدمات ممتازة في توريد وتثبيت الأحجار الطبيعية والسيراميك للأعمال الخارجية والداخلية. متخصصون أيضًا في تأجير متسلق الصاري لمشاريع البناء فضلا عن آلة ووتر جت

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Oryx for Marble & Granite (previously known as Elalfy for Marble & Granite) is a leading natural stone supplier in the region, and one of the oldest in Qatar. During the past 12 years we successfully handed over more than 300 projects, including 5 star hotels, resorts, malls, office and public buildings, and a number of high end private palaces, What’s unique about us is that we are capable of manufacturing any type of stone design, as our factory is equipped with a very high technology machines and production lines, as well as an expert engineering team for operation, maintenance.

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