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Steelco Trading & Contracting


Established in the year 2005, Steelco Trading and Contracting company engages trading of various structural steel items like MS Tubes, MS Pipes, MS Angles/ Beams/ Channels, Plates, GI Pipes, GI Sheets/Coils, Aluminium Sheets/Coils, Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Sandwich Roof/Wall Panels, Chain Link Fencing etc. We established good trade relationship with many countries in the world such as South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.We have got good credit standing, faith and co-operative relationship with a number of Mills and Manufacturers around the world. We aim to provide the most effective business solutions in terms of competitive prices for various products including quality, delivery and services. Over the years, our experience in this field has helped us to understand the customer requirements and provide them with high quality products at reasonable prices. Our product range caters to most of the requirements in Qatar's construction industry.

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Abdul Noor Saifaldeen Trading & Contracting Co LLC


Since it was established in 1975, Abdulnoor Saifaldeen Trading & Contracting Company (NOORCO) has become a renowned and reputed trading company for wood based and building materials and manufacturer of quality furniture and joinery wooden products. Since then, a construction division and interior design and decoration Fitout firm were added to the portfolio of the Company. Moreover, architectural steel and aluminum manufacturing facilities were established to supplement the growing construction and decoration demands for such materials and services. Today, Noorco continues to enjoy a high reputation for quality and value of its products and services plus its innovative approach towards application of latest materials trends and production technology. Our network of suppliers worldwide will ensure reliable sources of quality materials and accessories, for both the whole-sale and retail trading market. Our website will provide our readers more information about us, our products and services and the companies we have to serve our clients. Welcome to Noorco.

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United Supplies Company


Our company has been established since 1959 in Kuwait and has eight locations in the GCC Countries (Kuwait, Qatar & U.A.E.) and four factories: Marble, Wood, Aluminum and Ceramic decor located in Kuwait. Our establishment has contributed to the extensive constructions renaissance that has taken place within the Arabian Gulf States. We represent over 150 reputed suppliers defining high quality brands from all around the world united with extraordinary services that convene your needs.

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Skywall Aluminium & Glass WLL


SKYWALL WLL is a company specialized in a wide array of aluminum and glass Works. Our Motto is having the Skywall name synonymous with quality.

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Aluminium Technology and Auxiliary Industries WLL


Aluminium Technology and Auxiliary Industries WLL or ALUTEC, in short, is Qatars largest aluminium and glazing company, specializing in architectural aluminium and glass products, aluminium doors, windows, skylights, cladding projects and unitized and standard curtain walls. Started in 1995 by Thampi Narayanan, in partnership with the HBK Group headed by Sheikh Ali Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, ALUTEC has grown to be one of the most reputed organizations in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. ALUTEC has established itself as one of the pioneers and a market leader in the aluminium and glass industry, in a very short span of time since its inception. The company stands apart with its novel design solutions, unmatched technical supremacy and the biggest production facilities in the region. Integrity ALUTECs foundation is its integrity. The company is open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with customers, suppliers, co-workers, shareholders and the communities where it impacts. Quality ALUTEC is committed to provide the very best for its customers and to ensure that the best is realized while the company continually tries to enhance time-tested quality standards and processes. Accountability ALUTEC is accountable, individually and in teams, for its behaviour, action and results. We live our values and measure our success by the success of our customers, communities and people. Excellence ALUTEC relentlessly pursue excellence in everything it does, day on day, year on year. Customer ALUTEC supports its customers’ success by creating exceptional value through innovative products and service solutions, within the mutually agreed timeframe. People ALUTEC works in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to succeed. Environment, Health and Safety It is the policy of the company to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and system of work for all employees and other people who are working on our behalf. The company shall also provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. The management of ALUTEC is highly committed and accepts the responsibility for the health and safety of people who may be directly affected by our activities. The allocation of duties for safety matters and particularly arrangements will be complied in reference to company health and safety manual. The company also highly committed in protecting and continually improving variety of our working and local environments through communicating the policy to our employees to achieve a safer, cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment which will meet present and future legislative needs. This policy and objectives will be reviewed during management reviews and ensure the routine monitoring and measurement is done for continual improvement of HSE performance. We ensure the policy will be kept up to date as the company business changes in size and nature of product.

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Qatar Aluminium Limited (Q.S.C) - Qatalum


Qatalum is an equal joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and Hydro Aluminium of Norway and produces 585,000 tons of high-quality primary aluminium products per annum from twin 1.2 kilo​metre potlines. Qatalu​m’s complex faciliti​es include a carbon plant, port and storage facilities, as well as a captive power plant.​ Qatalum’s state-of-the-art cast house products are value-added extrusion ingots and foundry alloys that meet the stringent quality standards of its global customer base. Used in a variety of industries including the automotive, construction, engineering and in the manufacturing of consumer goods, by the end of its journey, Qatalum’s aluminium reaches the entire global community. ​Qatalum has a dynamic and diversified work forc​​​​e, representing over 37 nationalities and is perusing industrial diversity for Qatar and its people and actively creating a future of industrial environmental sustainability and economic opportunities.​​ Who we are Qatalum is based on strong strategic fundamentals. With expected growth in the aluminium industry, it is drawing on the support and know-how of the two partners behind the project. Diversity and Commitment Qatalum is made up of a highly competent knowledge driven workforce. With a mission to become a top global smelter, Qatalum strives, combining its proven state-of -the -art technology and business acumen to fulfil its ambitions. Driven by solid management directives, Qatalum follows the work philosophy contained in the 'The Qatalum Way'. Improved working environment For the 35 plus nationalities working at Qatalum, greatest consideration is given to them, the community and the environment. This challenge ha​s helped develop one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient smelters in the world in a working environment where safety is paramount. Operators and employees are ensured a clean and safe working environment along with fair and competitive remuneration.

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Qatar National Aluminium Panel Co


As on date Qatar National Aluminum Panel Company is the only plant in the state of Qatar for manufacturing Composite Panels. Our products are manufactured by automatic state of the art machineries that ensure high quality products and are already certified by Civil Defense. Machinery is fully controlled by computerized operating system and continuous co-extrusion process for perfect bonding, superior than adhesive film bonds. Production Capacity Initial plant has an average production capacity of above 1,500,000 M2 per annum in the normal least exploited condition and is extendable. Fully automated machinery for manufacturing metal composite panel bring unique products with high level accuracy in dimensions, flawless adhesion, ideal flatness etc. will be an ultimate solution of a perfect architectural creation. Quality Assurance Q-NAP believes that the success of the business depends on providing high quality products and services to all valued customers. Hence, Q-NAP has set up a modern quality and testing lab with sophisticated and precise test equipment which will include the UTM, Thermal conductivity tester, spectrophotometer etc to conduct various test as per various international standards. Q-NAP offers international levels of quality, reliability, trust and service. Quality is ensured at every stage, from the input material to the finished product. Vision “Q-NAP’s aim to provide friendly environmental solutions to the construction industries for BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE. Through this, we are utilizing advanced technologies and creating employees involvement both in domestic and international markets for satisfactorily results.” Mission “Q-NAP serving each client to be trusted allies providing them with loyalty to all business partners for economic growth and emerging as a trusted partner.

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Nabina Aluminium & Glass Factory


We are specialized in Aluminum, Glass & Mirror processing, supply and installation. Through built-in monitoring and implementation procedures, Nabina Aluminum and Glass Factory is committed to delivering a quality construction project and final product. The procedures begin during the pre-construction phase with in-house plan reviews, budgeting and value engineering services, and subcontractor selection. After construction has commenced, quality is achieved through a series of pre-construction conferences for coordinating the various phases of work, monitoring shop drawings and submittals for adherence to plans and specifications, maintaining a clean and safe project site, and employing qualified and competent field supervision. The Quality Control procedures mesh together through a concentrated effort of teamwork involving Estimators, Project Managers, Safety Director and Field Staff to deliver the Client a successful project. Nabina Aluminum and Glass Factory want to be recognized as a top general supplier. Our experience and reputation is built on fulfilling our client's needs. As a full-service supplier provider, we work closely with the project team from project conception to project completion. We perform all of the office support, field administration, supervision; coordination and scheduling of work ourselves and will typically perform specific trade work (i.e. foundations, mirrors, glass, carpentry, design, layout, accessories, etc.) with our own forces.The “State of the Art” technology & machinery that we encompass differentiate us to become the leader in the glass processing industry. Our main activities are: Design Etching, Clear Etching, Automatic Glass Cutting, Straight & Shape Beveling, Resin Stained Glass (Colored Glass & Mirror), Glass Door handle and Accessories, Deep Etching, Engraving, Straight & Round Edge Polishing, Double Glazing, Decorative Mirrors. We have the “State of the Art” machinery from Japan, Europe & USA in glass processing Industry. Our machinery includes: Computerized Glass Cutting Machine, Computerized Glass Edge Polish Machine, Computerized Beveling Machine, Computerized Engraving Machine, Computerized Etching Machine, Computerized RSG Lining Machine, Computerized Double Glazing line, Manual Edge Polish/Bevel Machine.

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Al Watan Aluminum & Glass WLL


Al Watan Aluminium & Glass was established in 2007 to ensure a consistent supply of high quality, high-performance glass and aluminium products that meets the rapidly expanding needs of the design and building industries in Qatar. The company’s mission is to provide Qatar market, and the construction and fabrication industries with advanced, high-performance glass and aluminium products that comply with international quality and safety standards, together with the flexibility and a delivery schedule to satisfy local needs that only local manufacturer, processing and support services can deliver. To meet these demands, Al Watan Aluminium & Glass has created an international-standard production facility, featuring state-of-the-art equipment from the respective leaders in their fields of glass processing, tempering and double glazing. Staffed by highly skilled qualified management and experienced technicians, this facility has ample processing capacity capable of satisfying the rapid current growth and anticipated demand for glass and aluminium by major projects, commercial and residential buildings in Qatar in the future. Al Watan Aluminium & Glass state-of-the-art machineries provide client’s with a range of technically and aesthetically advanced glass that satisfy the needs of modern designs and high-performance standards thus making the visions of architects a reality.

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Al Khinji Group Glass Aluminium & Trading


Al Khinji (ALKG) was established in 2008 in Doha - Qatar, 2011 is very exciting year as ALKG has started its operations in Qatar competing upcoming market with its utmost quality service to its booming construction industry. In 2012 we have leapt a big step forward as ALKG has opened its big new factory in New Industrial - Area with new machineries, strong work force as well as large factory space. Our Mission: is committed to quality, service, value and honesty to all. We are dedicated to providing the very best products in the construction industry and to serve the greater community dependably. Our organization believes in faith, friendship & family and will strive to strengthen all three in our employees, customers & business peers. We always seek to cultivate trust and reputation in all business relationships, both large and small. Our Vision: To become the best leading solution providers for the construction industry in Qatar and to supply most advanced and innovative products. Products & Services: Glass Division: Glass & Accessories Trading We are specialize in trading of all kinds of Glass, Mirrors and Glass Accessories. We are one of the largest stockiest, supplier & distributor of wide range of Glass from all around the globe. • Clear Float Glass (Emirates Glass & Saudi Guardian) • Color Float / Tinted Glass (Belgium & China) • Reflective Glass (Belgium & China) • Clear Float Silver Mirror (Saudi Guardian, China & Belgium) • Clear Laminated Glass (Saudi Zamil & China) • Figure and Figure Wired Glass (Saudi Guardian & China) • Safety Wired Glass (Japan) We are also the largest stockiest and supplier of • Frameless Glass Accessories such as Spider Fittings, Floor Spring / Machines, Frameless Glass Partition, Shower Doors & Partitions Casma – Italy, Dorma, LDG - China • Stainless Steel U Channels & Tubes • Aluminum Channels & Accessories • Georgian Design Items • Silicon Tubes • Silicon Kits • Rubber Gaskets • Automatic Sliding Glass Door Machines • Glass Films – Safety and Sun Protection Glass Processing • Beveling • Drilling • Polishing • Sand Blasting • Double Glazing • Lamination • Tampering Installation • Frameless Glass Partitions • Shower Partitions • Shop Fronts • Spider Fittings • Mirrors • Office Partitions • Automatic Sliding Glass Doors • Stainless Steel Claddings • Stainless Steel Balustrade • Aluminum Cladding • Aluminum Doors & Windows Decorative Glasses • Back Painting • Visible Spray Painting • Glass Printing • Design Sand Blasting • Stain Glasses Access Control System Division In the world of Automation and Security ALKG is very much proud to represent some of the best known brands in the field of Access Control System. This includes the internal and open coverage keeping in mind the hassle free entrance, privacy, security and aesthetic beauty. It is just a matter f our imagination to demand the Access Control System as we have the products which covers all the possible space such as External Boundaries, Internal Sliding Partitions, Open Swimming Pool, Building Main Entrance, Corridor Passage, Villa Back Yard Area, Shop Fronts or simple Doors and Windows. Brands and Products • Libart – Swimming Pools & Open Space Coverage • Doorson – Automatic Sliding Doors • Casma – Folding Door System • GS Automation – Turnstile & Barriers • Oximo – Automatic Rolling Shutters

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Tietan Fiberglass Co. W.l.l


Tietan Fiberglass Co. W.L.L. is a well known and a leading manufacturer of fiberglass, rotomouldand acrylic products in State of Qatar, our main stream products are GRP & Rotomould water tank along with acrylic sanitary products. Tietan Fiberglass is a Division of M/S Decoration World W.L.L which is a leader in Gypsum and GRC Products, Tietan Division started in 1997, since then we have grown very rapidly with the help of our valued customers. Our long experience with technological process equipments, great vision of our management. Research and quality assurance have ensured Tietan Fiberglass to be one of Qatar’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Rotomould, GRP and Acrylic products. As one of the trusted organizations, we have always endeavored to remain on top of the market by offering buyers supreme quality products

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Automech Mechanical Engineering Company Qatar


We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves in the State of Qatar – Doha as a leading company with full facilities of Fabrication, Machining, Engine repairing and all kind of valves refurbishment for water application, oil and gas plants. Automech Mechanical Engg. Having a large Machine shop with vast experienced operators and engineering staff. We provide our full attention to our valuable customers to offer best quality service and delivery. Our Fabrication shop is fully equipped with varies modern machinery to full fill our customer requirement under one roof. Our services enable the company to be ready always for any kind of job that required Stainless Steel Fabrication, Carbon steel, Mild Steel, Brass or any special allays. We have certified 3G, 4G and 6G qualified welders and quality management to ensure that an our clients requirement completed on time, excellent quality and standards. Automech mechanical Engg Co. staff and management are having experience more then 30-35 years in the engineering field. Our engineers as staff having vast technical knowledge in all fields cooling system, marine services, Engine repairing , Cement plant, Heavy equipment, Hotel industries and Refineries etc. our management are committed to maintain quality in our all job delivers and services. We are in process of introducing a management system of ISO 90001:2008. We would request you to include our company name in your approved vendor list and send us all your Fabrication, Machining Jobs or any other requirements to us for our best services tender to you. Our Main Activities: • Fabrication Steel, Stainless Steel i.e. SS Fuel Filling Cabinets, Hotels kitchen equipments. Fuel tank, Steel structure and concrete Moulds, Concrete Baskets, Man Baskets. • Machinery maintenance and commissioning / installing. • Manufacturing of Gears from High Carbon Steels and from all kind of material. • Refurbishing / Repairing and Hydro testing all kind of valves. Manufacturing new Extension spindles for all kind of valves from SS316L and Mild Steel with Hot Dip Galvanized coating and installing at site. We are seeking your full co-operation to develop very healthiest business relationship between our companies.

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الما للحديد alma


الما للحديد alma

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تكنو داكت للحديد technoducts


تكنو داكت للحديد technoducts

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صحار للحديد Sohar Galvanizing & Steel Industries LLC (SGSI)


صحار للحديد Sohar Galvanizing & Steel Industries LLC (SGSI)

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سي شور للحديد sea shore steel


سي شور للحديد sea shore steel

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Yahya Al Akkad Trading & General Contracting & Steel Buildings


Trading & General Contracting & Steel

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AL Bader Construction & Steel Works W.L.L


AL Bader forms an integral part of the Al Aafaq Group of Companies and can call on the expertise of the sister Companies incorporating M.E.P. Contracting, Shipping and Logistics, Transportation, Carpentry and an International network of associates and affiliates. Established in 1997, Al Bader Construction & Steel Works W.L.L is Grade A & ISO 9001:2008; 14001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified Qatari Construction company. Our main domain is to design and build all types of structures (Commercial & residential building, hotel, industrial construction and warehouses). The operations executed demonstrate our quality, dedication and commitment. Ours is a proven record of guaranteed project completion within budget and on time. VISION To become a leading construction company in all spheres of construction field in the region. MISSION To meet the needs of our clients efficiently through exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge.

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Blue Steel Factory WLL


We are a Rebar, Cut & Bend Company, with a regional presence.

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